Don´t come to me with your problems
I don´t need them
Your conscience is a weight that I won´t hold
You´d rather be
The only one who pretends
Is it ´cause you´ve been bought and sold so young?
Don´t ask me questions
Cause I don´t got the answers
If you only knew what time will tell
It´s all a test
The lessons that you can´t learn
You´ll know when you spend your time in hell
So as your blood´s running thin
Your time´s running out
No one will be listening
Not even when you shout
When your angels turn to devils
You´ll finally figure out
That no one will be with you in the end
A hypocrite
You´re just a contradiction
rapped up in your lies who knows what´s real
Well this is it
Your lonely life of fiction
Do you even know how to feel?

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